Abdominal Exercises and fat burning
Can they help you loose weight and burn fat?   Common myths about weightloss & dieting
weightloss & dieting myths.  Can you loose weight and burn fat with abdominal exercises?  Are they real fat burners?

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Top Ten Ab-Ripping Exercises

Numerous individuals think sculpting a six-pack with ab-ripping exercises is a task that is as complex as figuring out Donald Trump's tax return--or his hair for that matter. It is no secret that developing abs is not easy; however, it is not complicated either.

A loaded abdominal workout is the best way to develop ripped abs. If you are thinking we mean chugging a few jägerbombs before your workout, do not worry. What we are referring to is using the same resistance techniques you do with exercises for other parts of your body. With regard to resistance, I'm afraid gravity just isn't enough.

You must also reduce the amount of fat that covers your abdominals. If they are covered by pounds of fat, all your hard work getting them ripped will be virtually invisible.

Futile Resistance? We Don't Think So

When you train other areas of your body, such as your legs, arms, back and chest, I am assuming you use weights to develop the muscles you are targeting. However, with abdominals, too many people default to over-the-top numbers of crunches and similar exercises and forget about weights, which is a major mistake.

Diet: The Missing Link

Eventually, eating clean will be your standard routine, but in order to get there, you should follow the tips outlined below:

Eat mini meals and snacks up to eight times daily

Weight your diet toward protein

Eat very high amounts of vegetables and when you think you have eaten enough, go get some more

Do not ever fail to skip a post workout meal or breakfast

Absolutely shun sugar.

Do not consume carbohydrates at night unless you are reloading after an intense workout

Drink as much cold water as possible during the day

Incorporate high intensity interval training into your cardiovascular workout

Top Ten Abdominal Exercises

Now for my top ten ab-ripping exercises in no particular order:

Russian Twists

This exercise should be completed on each side for 10 repetitions. Start by grasping a weight in each arm resistance. Twist your torso to the left side until your arms and the floor are parallel, then go back to your initial position and repeat the motion on the other side.

Kettlebell Windmills

Here is another terrific rotation exercise. Take the kettlebell and clean press it over your head while rotating your wrist. You should then bend your hip to one side and lean slowly, until your free hand touches the floor and then repeat the motion in reverse. Keep the kettlebell over your head for the duration of the exercise.

Hanging Leg Raises

The hanging leg raise is completed with a chin-up bar, from which you raise your legs until your torso and legs form an angle of 90-degrees. Be sure to rotate your legs from one side to the other in a little twist, since additional work leads to bigger rewards.

Gorilla Chin

The gorilla chin, also called the gorilla crunch, is similar to the hanging leg raise. With this exercise you use an underhand grip to hang from the chin bar and pull yourself up while crunching. Make sure you bend your knees to a 90° angle and finish the crunch when you are nose level to the bar.

Barbell Abdominal Rollouts

The barbell ab rollout is terrific for working out your core abs. Load a barbell with plates weighing approximately five to ten pounds. Begin the exercise in a kneeling push-up position and grip the barbell with your hands placed shoulder width apart. Roll the bar slowly forward until your body is stretched into a straight position. Pause, and slowly pull yourself back to your initial position, while breathing out.

Cable Crunches

To complete the cable crunch, kneel under a high pulley containing a rope attachment. Take a firm hold of the cable rope and lower it until your hands are level with your face. Slightly flex your hips and allow the weight to naturally hyper-extend your lumbar back. With stationary weight, contract your abdominals and flex your waist so that your elbows travel toward your thighs. When finishing this exercise, make sure you exhale and hold each contraction for one second. Inhale when slowly returning to the beginning position.

Sideways Jackknifes

Sideways jackknifes will result in obliques that are sliced and diced, and of course we mean that in a positive way. Lay on your left side and keep your right leg over your left one, placing your left hand in a comfortable spot and clasping your right hand in back of your head. Bring your right leg and torso toward each other as you tighten your obliques. Hold the tension for a moment or two and go back to your initial position. You can also complete this exercise with ankle weights, if you are up for a challenge.


The plank was designed to help you develop overall core stability and strength. Using both elbows, prop yourself up in a prone position and hold it for as long as possible. You should also incorporate the side plank into your abdominal workout, which is essentially the same as its standard plank, except that you lean on only one elbow and switch sides to hit your right and left obliques.

Exercise Ball Pull-In

The exercise ball pull-in is a terrific exercise, but beware, you must have a good sense of balance. With your hands shoulder width apart, place your lower shins on an exercise ball in push-up position. Keep your back straight and pull your knees to your chest. To return to the starting position, simply roll the ball back and straighten your legs.

Press Sit-Ups

The press sit-up is last but certainly not least. Lie on a bench resting a barbell on your chest. Securely place your legs on the extension of the bench to get into a starting position. Inhale and tighten your glutes and abdominals while simultaneously curling your torso. When you exhale, press the barbell into the overhead position. Lower your upper torso back to the beginning position, while simultaneously lowering the barbell.

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