Abdominal Exercises and fat burning
Can they help you loose weight and burn fat? Common myths about weightloss & dieting
weightloss & dieting myths.  Can you loose weight and burn fat with abdominal exercises?  Are they real fat burners?

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Lying Leg Raises

Lying leg raises are an excellent abdominal exercise for the lower abdominal muscles but will not help you to loose weight.  To perform lying leg raises lye down on your back placing the hands face down underneath the lower back and rear end for better leverage.  Bring the knees up (bent legged) towards the chin while contracting the abdominal muscles.  Then return the legs to an almost straight legged position stretching the abdominal muscles.  The legs should be just a few inches off of the floor at the starting point.   To begin loosing weight from your stomach area you must begin a good dieting program.

Lying leg raises are an excellent addition to any abdominal workout and best of all lying leg raises only require a floor and you.  Although lying leg raises can be done off of a bench if you require more difficulty. 

However if your goal is to remove the body fat tissue that covers the abdominal muscles then abdominal exercises will be a waste of your time.  For the fact is that abdominal exercises only strengthen, tighten and tone the abdominal muscles doing nothing to rid the stomach and waistline of its present level of fat tissue. 

A fat burning dieting program is required to begin loosing weight and to rid the body of its body fat tissue.  Performing abdominal exercises even up to 10 hours per day will do nothing to burn away body fat tissue.

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