Abdominal Exercises and fat burning
Can they help you loose weight and burn fat? Common myths about weightloss & dieting
weightloss & dieting myths.  Can you loose weight and burn fat with abdominal exercises?  Are they real fat burners?

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Manual Abdominal Exercises
Abdominal Crunches (fat burning or waste of time?) - Lying Leg Raises (tough exercise to loose weight) - Stick Twists (a popular weightloss exercise) - Roman Chair Sit-ups (dieting alternative?) - V-Ups - Hanging Leg Raises (tough one)
Abdominal Machines (and how they relate to dieting, weightloss, and fat burning) - A review of each machine, and whether it can help you to loose weight or not.

Ab Slide - Ab Flex II - Ab Dolly Plus - Ab Twister - Ab Trainer Home PRO - Torso Track - Ab Coach - Abs-Trap - Ab Doer - Ab Trainer - Gut Blaster Sling - Ab Loops - Ab Sculptor - Ab Roller - Torso Tiger - Ab Rocker

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