Abdominal Exercises and fat burning
Can they help you loose weight and burn fat? † Common myths about weightloss & dieting
weightloss & dieting myths.  Can you loose weight and burn fat with abdominal exercises?  Are they real fat burners?

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Five Abdominal Workouts
to Get Shredded & Cut

Getting the perfect six packs is only possible if your workout is right.The right workout program enables you to exercise the correct set of muscles.This article details a series of abdominal workouts to help you get shredded and looking ripped.


1.       Lie down on the floor with legs bent at the knees. Place your hands crossed in front of your chest.

2.       Raise shoulders and torso as far as possible from the ground. Make sure you donít raise your back from the floor. Exhale as you do this step.

3.       Bring your torso to your starting position and retain the tension on the abs. Inhale as you do this step.

Perform this exercise in two sets of 20 receptions.

Bicycle Crunches

1.       Lie down on the floor with hands beside your head.

2.       Lift your shoulders into a crunch position. Raise your knees such that the lower parts of your legs are parallel to the floor. This will be your initial position.

3.       Start by kicking forward with the right leg, and then bring in your left knee. At the same time, bring your right elbow close to your left knee. Be sure to exhale while you perform this step.

4.       Go back to the initial position as you inhale.

5.       Kick forward with the left leg and then bring in the right knee. At the same time, bring your left elbow close to your right knee. Exhale while you perform this step. Go back the initial position while you inhale.

Repeat this work out 20 times and take care not to strain your neck.


1.       Sit down with your legs extended in front of you. Place your hands sideways for support.

2.       Pull your knees towards your chest while keeping them together. Pull the knees as much as you can, as you breathe out.

3.       Return to your start position, as you breathe in and then repeat the exercise until you have completed two sets of 20 repetitions.

Leg Raises

There are two ways of performing this abdominal workout.

Exercise One

1.       Lie down on your back. Stretch your legs in front of your while keeping them together.

2.       Keep your hands below your buttocks with your palms facing the ground.

3.       Keeping your upper body firmly in the ground, lift both legs and bring them towards you in an arc. The goal is to raise them up to a point where your legs and upper body make something close to a 90-degree angle.

4.       While in this position, hold it for a second and then slowly lower your legs back to your starting position.

5.       Make sure your legs remain joined together while perming this exercise. Basically, they should move as one combined limb, instead of two separate legs.

Perform this exercise in two sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise Two

1.       Lie down sideways on your right side with legs stretched in front on you.

2.       Rest your elbow on the ground and then use your palm to support your head.

3.       Lift your left leg off the ground and bring it up towards you in an arc.

4.       When in 90-degree position, hold for a second and then lower your leg back to your starting position. This motion needs to happen smoothly, and your body must remain sideways throughout the exercise.

5.       Perform this workout in two sets of 10 repetitions each. When done, turn over to your left side and perform 2 sets with your right leg.

The Basics

Warm your body before you start exercising. At the end of the exercise, stretch all your muscles to help improve blood circulation. For best results, perform the above workouts 4-6 times a week. However, one day per week should be your rest day to allow your muscles and body to recover and heal. Also, the role of a healthy diet should not be ignored in pursuit of clean and cut ab muscles.

About the Author

The founder of http://crazygain.com/ Kevin Hodges is focused on training hard, eating right and staying legal to become clean and lean.Helping either one person at a time through coaching or groups through the internet to become healthier and fitter with each passing day!

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