Burn fat with abdominal exercises, ab machines, and dieting facts
How they affect your efforts to loose weight (weightloss myths myths)
What about fat burners and other dieting programs...
Dieting and weightloss facts about abdominal exercises.   Can you loose weight using ab machines?    weightloss myths.

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How to burn fat using:
Abdominal Exercises and Ab Machines
Do Abdominal Exercises really help you to burn fat and loose weight or are they just weightloss myths? What about bodybuilding, fitness, dieting or fat burners to loose weight? Read this! Detailed Review of the most popular abdominal machines and how they relate to dieting and weightloss (true fat burners or not?).
weightloss myths about how ab machines help people to lose weight.

Interesting abdominal exercise of the month

Torso Tiger
The Torso Tiger is an abdominal exercise that works by holding a handle attached to a wheel with the knees on the ground where the user slowly stretches forward and back, repeating.
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  • Ab Rocker

  • The Ab Rocker claims to be a total abdominal workout, in one.
  • Ab Roller

  • The Ab Roller eliminates the strain and pain of lifting your head and shoulders and holding them in the correct position.
  • Ab Sculptor

  • The Ab Sculptor also helps eliminate neck and back strain during abdominal workouts, while maximizing the effectiveness of the abdominal exercises.
Manual Abdominal Exercises
Top Ab Exercises - Abdominal Workouts
Abdominal Crunches - Lying Leg Raises - Stick Twists - Roman Chair Sit-ups - V-Ups - Hanging Leg Raises
Abdominal Machines and how they relate to dieting, weightloss, and fat burning
A review of each machine, and whether they are one of the fat burners you should be using.
Ab Slide
The Ab Slide abdominal machine is advertised as convenient, portable, and an extremely effective weightloss aid.

Ab Flex II
The Ab Flex ll features a new high-tech design promising perfect abs (and dramatic weightloss) in just 3 minutes per day by the use of 6 different abdominal exercises.

Ab Dolly Plus
The Ab Dolly Plus safely and functionally trains all four abdominal muscles to a full range of motion and in all directions.

Ab Twister
The Ab Twister lets you select from 10 great exercises to tone and tighten 6 completely different muscle groups, all with one machine.

Ab Trainer Home PRO
The Ab Trainer Home Pro is an abdominal exercise that is advertised as having a unique rocker design that perfectly mimics spinal flexion while completely supporting your neck and head.

Torso Track
With the Torso Track just one simple movement works your entire abdominal area plus the back, shoulders and arms.

Ab Coach
The Ab Coach isolates hard to train abdominal muscles with a unique rocking action easily training the upper abdominal muscles, the lower abdominal muscles and the oblique muscles on the side of the waist.

The ABS-TRAP helps people of all athletic abilities to increase the amount of sit-ups and crunches they are able to do.

Ab Doer
The Ab Doer is a workout machine that will help you tone and strengthen your upper and lower abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back.

Ab Trainer
The Ab Trainer allows for perfect execution of crunches by way of a built-in padded arm rest, head rest and hand rails.

Gut Blaster Sling
The Gut Blaster Sling is basically two straps with hooks on one end of each strap that attach to a door chin-up bar.

Ab Loops
Ab Loops are two padded straps that attach to a doorway chin-up bar with hooks that are attached to one end of each Ab Loop.

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